😀 HEY GUYS! A NEW PCB POST! (thanks to Fearless hero) Remember that post yesterday?? Well, now Comic Kid is revealing the item!!

Poptropica Members: Get your exclusive Steamworks Island costume now!

Here it is! Today until July 30, all new and existing Poptropica Members will get this free costume added to their inventory. All you have to do is log into your game with a valid Membership!

Boy oh boy, that is one sweet looking mech pilot costume.

Wait a minute… what the heck is a “mech?”

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WHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! THANK YOU, COMIC KID!!! 😀 I have to agree with you though, what is a mech??? I’lll update this post later. 😉
EDIT: K, so I found out what a mech is.. Here are the definitions:

  • Mecha, also known as meka or mechs, are a broad genre of walking vehicles which are usually controlled by a pilot. Mecha often appearing in anime, science fiction, or other genres involving a fantastic or futuristic element. … 
  • ‘Mech – BattleMechs (often abbreviated ‘Mechs) are large walking war machines that feature prominently in the fictional universe of BattleTech. ‘Mechs, which are generally either bipedal or quadrupedal in configuration, are controlled by human pilots and can thus be classified as mecha.’Mech 
  • mech. – mechanical; mechanized; mechanic; mechanics 
  • mech – a large piloted combat robot; a robot; Alternative form of mech. 
  • mech – The part of a coin-operated machine (vending, arcade, or other) into which a coin or token drops. The mechanism either accepts the coin or token or rejects it. Coin mechanisms come in various levels of sophistication and operate based on the size of the coin. …
  • Please use the first reference… 😉 😮 So this is like Sci-Fi island, right here….. COOL!!!!!!!! The costume to me is OK, but The only thing it does is slip up and down it’s goggles… Bye!

    2 Responses to “MECH PILOT, WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

    1. ƛԼƖЄƝ ƊƖƤƤЄƦ™ Says:

      cool! I like the helmet.

    2. Smart Kid not logged in Says:

      Also, futuristic island. 😉

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