πŸ˜€ Hey, guys! As usual, Master Mime has posted yet again. This time, with a hammerhead! (I’m sure we’re the first to post, because there was only one vote f0r the reactions ) Anyway, here’s the post:

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

I hope everyone is having a fun summer, while they squish red crabs on the beach. If you want to surprise your friends, try out the Hammerhead costume. It comes with a warm, limp fish.

avatar image
>: D Looks like that crab is about to get squished! πŸ˜› On topic, nice costume!! I’ll be sure to try it on! (With da dead fish!!)
Smart Kid, is very bored and so; very updated.

One Response to “AHHH!!!! HAMMERHEAD!!”

  1. wild bite Says:

    i have along with the tiger shark costume and the original!!!


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