Despicable ads in Poptropica!!!!!!!!!!


Well I was walking down the road in Reality TV to take a stroll. And I came across a huge ad for the new Movie Despicable Me. It’s a small house on main street. 😀 I went in and there is huge room with many advertisments but if you go far enough to the left there is a teleporter that can take you do gru’s lab.

You could play a game there where you must find missels in 50 seconds then you must go to the launch pad at the top of the room and take off. Once you take off you could play other games! Have fun in this ad! From Tweeny


One Response to “Despicable ads in Poptropica!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Derel Lookinflyeveryday Wooten Says:

    it ain’t happening now

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