:DDDDDD STEAMWORKS! Who would have thought?


Hi fellow poptropicans! 😀 The name of the new island has been revealed, Steamworks Island!!! 😀 Here’s the creators’ post:

Announcing the new Poptropica island!

All week we’ve been showing you sneak peeks of the newest Poptropica island currently in development, and we’ve promised to reveal the island’s name.

The time has come. My fellow Poptropicans, the Poptropica creators are proud to announce their newest creation:

STEAMWORKS ISLAND is coming soon!

Make sure to visit the official Poptropica creators’ blog often for the latest news and announcements about Steamworks Island, including some of the incredible gameplay features we have in store.

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😀 AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for it to come out! Who would have thought it would be called Steamworks island??? No one, I think, except for the Poptropica Creators! 😀 O.O WHERE’S DA PAGE?! 😦 Anyway, I think this’ll be the best island so far!!!
Smart Kid… Will be back in California soon! See ya, Ohio, in two years, for ten days! 😦

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