the making of recent/new islands


Hey guys! as we voted on a poll a while ago, the scarier plant will be incorporated into a new island!Sorry for the bold, but it’s a glitch… Anyway, here’s the post….

The ‘Root’ Of All Evil

It’s actually kind of cute. I think I’ll call him Mr. Snuggles.

avatar image

Mr. Snuggles: *tries to chomp head off*
Mr Snuggles: ._.
Anyways, It seems that Hazmat Hermit has a great sense of personlity…. ._. Great job, Man! -_- OK, now onto the next post….

Behind the scenes of Skullduggery Island: The Phoenix Warbird

If you’ve earned enough doubloons on Skullduggery Island to buy the Phoenix Warbird, then you know it’s the fiercest craft around, even more than Captain Crawfish’s ship.

But how did the Phoenix Warbird go from idea to reality? First, one of the Poptropica creators had the brilliant notion of making the most powerful ship on Skullduggery Island have a bird theme. To explain his idea, he drew this sketch:

Neat, huh? But that was just the beginning of a long journey.

Over the next couple of days, we’ll show you more. Stay tuned!

avatar image

🙂 So you admit it! My ship is better than yours!! Ahem… I mean, thanks for showing us the sketch! 🙂
Smart Kid, signing off.

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