New and ready to post!


Well first of all thank you Smart kid for letting me join the blog so here is my first post tell me if it’s stupid..

Poptropica has just put out Three brand new items in the store. The worlds best chewing gum now I don’t think it’s any different than the other two but tell me it doesn’t. I say go with the flow nice job creators. 😛 Also we have the flower power item I like it bought it with my credits but I think I should of gotten my softball uniform instead. Now as I said before the chewing gum is the same for both I think so I don’t know. But I think if you want the chewing gum go for the pink one it’s cool enough for anyone. 😀

Besides not haveing membership I’m glad I’m still earning credits. Gotta get more to get that softball uniform. So peace out from Random girl/Tweeny

One Response to “New and ready to post!”

  1. Smart Kid not logged in Says:

    😀 Welcome to the blog!

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