Shady Island, SkullDuggery is.


Hi! as I’ve said before, the creators have been REALLY active lately… Especially Captain Crawfish! Like yesterday, he gives non-members another sneak peek. 😉

The shadow knows…

You’ll meet some shady characters on Skullduggery Island. You’ll visit some shady places, too.

Can you believe this creepy house belongs to one of the good guys? Oh, Skullduggery Island, you are a dangerous place.

Only two more days until the latest Poptropica adventure is available to all!

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The one and only Captain Crawfish at 1:00 PM
Did you notice the captain is usually on time? Strange… Anyway, cool! Isn’t that picture of the Gove- *poptropica fanatic who hates spoilers clamps hand over SK’s mouth*
PFWHS: DON’T!!!!!!!!!
SK: *tries to talk but it’s all muffled* U-AV-TU-CK-YO-HAD-O-I-OUT!
PFWSH: You know, when you typed that, It didn’t look muffled… It looks more like gibberish… 0_o
SK: ._. -_- O.O
PFWHS: *takes hand off of SK’s mouth while looking around* What?
SK: *pushes random poptropica fanatic away* Geez, what were you trying to do? SUFFOCATE MEH?? I need to finish this post!!
PFWHS: Sowwy… 😦
anyway…. hmm, I forgot. *checks above* oh yeah. 🙂 SkullDuggery island will be out in two days, so get ready! Oh, and the Gove[Censored by SK for PF(s)WHS]’s  place looks pretty creepy, eh? 🙂 I hope there won’t be too much traffic…
~SK out!

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