😦 PLEEEAAASSSSSSE??? 😦 OK, I admit it. A fishy stole mah froot loops. Anyway, there’s a new ad for younger kids in which we can try to defeat a selfish fish…. -_- The prizes are really lame to me… just an ugly costume and a froot loops shower… anyways, here’s the post:

Something’s fishy

Have you seen this fish? 

There’s a new quest for our younger Poptropicans on Main Street!

avatar image

The one and only Director D at 10:13 AM
the only really good thing about it is if you have costume collector, you might want to save the bowl. There’s also another ad for older players, which is called ‘Monster High’.
the dummies scared my poptropican, so she hid as far as she could.
I didn’t dare try anything on…
I really don’t get what we’re supposed to do in this ad….. anyway, I’m gonna end this post now. Bye!

One Response to “GIVE BACK MAH FROOT LOOPS!!!!!!!!”

  1. izzy Says:

    I need monster high back on poptropica! i joined just when it ended! i never went in or anything! AND I LOVE IT!!!

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