mythology surfin’ and scary plants


Ok, the creators have been really active lately, and have apparently been working on ‘structure’  island. I wonder what the island will be called? Future island? IDK……. Anywayz, the creators have been making mythology-themed summer surfing outfits….. cool! Here’s the post:

It’s summertime, so grab your sunscreen, surfboards, and hit the beach!

These outfits are now available in the store, so choose your Mythology Surfer style: Zeus, Hades, or Poseidon.

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The one and only Shark Boy at 11:54 AM


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Here’s a sneak peek at some creepy beasts that might be appearing on a future Poptropica island. Which one do you think is scarier? Vote in our poll on the sidebar!

Plant monster #1
Plant monster #2
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The one and only Captain Crawfish at 1:23 PM
Hey, did you notice the time was 123? strange…….. anyway, awesome!! To me, the second plant is definetly scarier….. and we though green vegetables were scary!! xD I like the surf oufit, but I probably won’t buy it… No, wait, I recently got membership! 😀 Now I can play SkullDuggery!!
     Smart Kid…….. HAS DA PHOENIX WARBIRD!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

2 Responses to “mythology surfin’ and scary plants”

  1. Green Boa Says:

    ROFL!!! Worse than the brussel sprouts of your nightmares… 😆 I doubt it will be future island, because that’s kinda like Time Tangled… Hmmmmmm. Oh and congrats on your membership!! 😀

    • Smart Kid Says:

      lol! da brussel sprouts of my nightmares…… xD I don’t think it’ll be called future island, but that’s how i’ll refer to it for now. SkullDuggery island is awesome!

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