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Radiation Warbird

June 27, 2010

🙂 Hi! sorry for being late, but I was traveling in Ohio and lighting smoke bombs. There have been a lot of post lately… :/  So, Captain Crawfish is now, in my opinion, the best and most active poptropica creator…  Did I make a post about the new ad? I don’t think so… Anyway, there’s a new ad for an animated movie called ‘dispicable me’, something that most people probably wouldn’t watch. When you’re in the ad, you have to get 10 missles in 60 seconds, make it to the hangar door, and then defeat Vector’s ship which has a shrinking device… You also turn into a minion! similar to what Ieges found before in the poptropica vids (big nate was the creators’ poptropican!) you complete the tasks as an (in my opinion) ugly minion…

well, after you win this greuling challenge, you win two items…. It’s basically the outfit of the guy outside:

It’s kinda hard, but it’s worth it. 😉 Here’s what the shrink ray can do:

so, yeah… 🙂 here are the creators’ posts: 😉 (later first)

With the colors and the scale of the Phoenix Warbird in place, it’s time for a few final tweaks to the design. For that extra “oomph,” the creators give the ship a set of fierce-looking talons.
And it’s done! Starting with one basic idea, the creators sketch out different possibilities, choose a direction, and then refine and improve the design until the final version you see here.

Here’s how it looks next to an actual Poptropican.

Huge, isn’t it?

And here’s a look at the Phoenix Warbird when it takes to the seas.

Pirates of Skullduggery Island, tremble in fear!

Quite a journey from concept to reality, huh? How far we’ve come:

Of course, seeing the Phoenix Warbird in pictures is one thing. Taking the helm of this mighty vessel is quite another.

Have you earned enough doubloons in Skullduggery Island to buy the Phoenix Warbird? If not, what are you waiting for? Play Skullduggery Island now!

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Cool! Now we know how the great warship came to be! Wait, You’re Captain Crawfish….. 0_o Shouldn’t you tremble in fear and be mad at meh? 😛
Stay tuned next week for a new item in the Poptropica store!

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😮 something to radiate attention? what could it be? O.O I hope it’s cool! 😉

Thursday, June 24, 2010

You’ve already seen how the mighty Phoenix Warbird started life as a simple pencil sketch. (Wait, you haven’t? Check out the first part of our behind-the-scenes look at Skullduggery Island.)

The creators worked hard to get the details right, and now it’s time to give the Phoenix Warbird a sprinkling of that old Poptropica magic.

The designers color in the black-and-white outline they made earlier. They create a simple background of water and sky to demonstrate how the ship will appear in Skullduggery Island. And, as before, they add a little reference box that shows how big the Warbird is compared to a Poptropican.

The Phoenix Warbird is almost ready to set sail on Skullduggery Island!

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And it’s finished! IT’S HUGE! O.O Fits the price… 😉

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Poptropica fans already know that the Phoenix Warbird is the strongest ship on Skullduggery Island. But it didn’t always look that way! The designers went through several rounds of revisions, tweaking existing ideas and coming up with new ones.

Finally, they had settled on the basic design and set to work putting it into Poptropica. The first step: a black-and-white wireframe, which adapts the earlier sketches into the Poptropica style.

See that little box above the ship and to the right? That’s to help the designers remember how large the ship is in comparison to your Poptropican.

The ship isn’t finished yet. There are more design tweaks to be made, not to mention the most fun part: Coloring!

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Yeah, I was wondering what that box was…. It looked like two old poptropicans…

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On Skullduggery Island, players start with a junky old sloop, and earn doubloons to buy bigger and better boats. Early on, the Poptropica creators knew they wanted the most powerful ship to have an animal theme.

Even so, there were still dozens and dozens of smaller decisions to make. Should the boat look realistic or fantastical? How big should it be? Should it be scary?

To explore the possibilities, the designers made a few more sketches.

After another round of discussion (okay, arguments), the creators settled on a direction and set to work on the final version.

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xD arguments? I guess it worked out well, though; Almost everyone loves the ship, and it was a great island!

In Ohio a week or so…

June 22, 2010

Ok, so basically I’m visiting Ohio for about 10 days to see my grandparents…. I probably won’t get to post as often or closest to the time a post is posted, but I’ll still post, like today. I’m in Ohio right now, so There will probably be less posts until I get back. See ya!

Smart Kid… is waiting for her Grandparents to come home so she can catch fire flies and smoke smoke bombs and sparklers, and go through the trap door, and investigate Uncle Ben’s room.

the making of recent/new islands

June 22, 2010

Hey guys! as we voted on a poll a while ago, the scarier plant will be incorporated into a new island!Sorry for the bold, but it’s a glitch… Anyway, here’s the post….

The ‘Root’ Of All Evil

It’s actually kind of cute. I think I’ll call him Mr. Snuggles.

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Mr. Snuggles: *tries to chomp head off*
Mr Snuggles: ._.
Anyways, It seems that Hazmat Hermit has a great sense of personlity…. ._. Great job, Man! -_- OK, now onto the next post….

Behind the scenes of Skullduggery Island: The Phoenix Warbird

If you’ve earned enough doubloons on Skullduggery Island to buy the Phoenix Warbird, then you know it’s the fiercest craft around, even more than Captain Crawfish’s ship.

But how did the Phoenix Warbird go from idea to reality? First, one of the Poptropica creators had the brilliant notion of making the most powerful ship on Skullduggery Island have a bird theme. To explain his idea, he drew this sketch:

Neat, huh? But that was just the beginning of a long journey.

Over the next couple of days, we’ll show you more. Stay tuned!

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🙂 So you admit it! My ship is better than yours!! Ahem… I mean, thanks for showing us the sketch! 🙂
Smart Kid, signing off.

O.O SkullDuggery island and hot dogs

June 19, 2010

Hi! Sorry for being late, but I was playing SkullDuggery island…. Anyway, the creators have been really active on their blog lately, especially Captain Crawfish! Here are the posts (New ones first) um, the pictures wont show up, so I’ll just give a link to the post…:

Are you a Hot Dog, or a Tofu Dog?

um…. Hot dog?  idk….

Skullduggery Island is now available to everyone!

The wait is over! Skullduggery Island is available NOW for everybody to play.

So what are you waiting for? Play Skullduggery Island now!


The one and only Captain Crawfish at 9:05 AM

Have you seen this pirate ship?

You’d better hope not. Of all the terrors you’ll encounter on the high seas of Skullduggery Island, none will send a chill down your mizzenmast quite like Captain Crawfish’s ship. If you happen upon this vessel in open water, you’re liable to be sunk — that is, unless you you earn enough doubloons to buy this bird-like warship I’ve been hearing so much about lately…

Ha! I’d like to see you try. Bring it on — tomorrow.





June 18, 2010

Hi everybody!I am §Cool Kid§.Thanks to Smart Kid for adding me.Let me tell you a little about myself.I am a 13 year old Poptropica fanatic.I am extremely good in English(I have wowed my class several times before).Do you know that the Mona Lisa is a painting of a pregnant woman?I give tution to my classmates on Saturdays and Sundays,so I would not be posting on the weekends but will try to.I will do graphics on this blog.I am a fan of Percy Jackson.BTW,I am making a Percy Jackson movie Poptropica format.I need people to help with sound and special effects.

New and ready to post!

June 17, 2010

Well first of all thank you Smart kid for letting me join the blog so here is my first post tell me if it’s stupid..

Poptropica has just put out Three brand new items in the store. The worlds best chewing gum now I don’t think it’s any different than the other two but tell me it doesn’t. I say go with the flow nice job creators. 😛 Also we have the flower power item I like it bought it with my credits but I think I should of gotten my softball uniform instead. Now as I said before the chewing gum is the same for both I think so I don’t know. But I think if you want the chewing gum go for the pink one it’s cool enough for anyone. 😀

Besides not haveing membership I’m glad I’m still earning credits. Gotta get more to get that softball uniform. So peace out from Random girl/Tweeny

Shady Island, SkullDuggery is.

June 16, 2010

Hi! as I’ve said before, the creators have been REALLY active lately… Especially Captain Crawfish! Like yesterday, he gives non-members another sneak peek. 😉

The shadow knows…

You’ll meet some shady characters on Skullduggery Island. You’ll visit some shady places, too.

Can you believe this creepy house belongs to one of the good guys? Oh, Skullduggery Island, you are a dangerous place.

Only two more days until the latest Poptropica adventure is available to all!

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The one and only Captain Crawfish at 1:00 PM
Did you notice the captain is usually on time? Strange… Anyway, cool! Isn’t that picture of the Gove- *poptropica fanatic who hates spoilers clamps hand over SK’s mouth*
PFWHS: DON’T!!!!!!!!!
SK: *tries to talk but it’s all muffled* U-AV-TU-CK-YO-HAD-O-I-OUT!
PFWSH: You know, when you typed that, It didn’t look muffled… It looks more like gibberish… 0_o
SK: ._. -_- O.O
PFWHS: *takes hand off of SK’s mouth while looking around* What?
SK: *pushes random poptropica fanatic away* Geez, what were you trying to do? SUFFOCATE MEH?? I need to finish this post!!
PFWHS: Sowwy… 😦
anyway…. hmm, I forgot. *checks above* oh yeah. 🙂 SkullDuggery island will be out in two days, so get ready! Oh, and the Gove[Censored by SK for PF(s)WHS]’s  place looks pretty creepy, eh? 🙂 I hope there won’t be too much traffic…
~SK out!

SkullDuggery island be comin’ out for ye non-members this Thursday!

June 15, 2010

SkullDuggery island will be coming out for non-members this thursday! But first, Captain Crawfish has a sneak peek for them.

A pirate’s life for me

You’ve got to work your way up in this world. One day, you’re a lowly deckhand, sailing on a ratty old sloop and taking orders from a nasty old sea captain. But if you’ve got the right stuff — if you can defeat pirates and sea monsters, and outwit crooked traders to make your fortune — you just might take become a nasty old sea captain yourself. Only then can you take the reins of a mighty ship… like some of the ones below! 

Of course, there are even bigger and better ships out there, if you can find them.

Poptropica’s Skullduggery Island will be available to everyone this Thursday!

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The one and only Captain Crawfish at 11:44 AM
Hey, what do you mean by ships? There’s only one, you know… Anyway, thanks! I’ll be sure to enjoy SkullDuggery on Thursday… Bye…
*Jumps off of mast* *lands on tower of marshmallows* 😮 😀
Smart Kid out!

No more facebook page?? :(

June 9, 2010

The creators decided to close up the facebook page after this week. here’s the post:

Well, fans, at the end of this week, we’re closing up shop here on the Poptropica Facebook page. The good news: You can continue to get sneak peeks and breaking news over at the official Poptropica blog (! And keep an eye out for one more special treat for our Facebook fans before we go.

A TREAT??? :O I wonder what it is… 


June 9, 2010

SK here. Just as I posted a couple of days ago, there’s a new ad called ”Monster High”. Only this, time, there’s a creators’ blog post! Wow, the creators are really active these days…. Anyway, here’s the post:

Creepy But Cool

Today when I visited the common room on 24 Carrot Island some of us saw this girl wearing a spooky yet stylish outfit. I wonder where she got it.

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The one and only Master Mime at 9:25 AM
All I’m thinking is, thought the goth guy! Also,how can poptropicans read each others’ minds?? Strange, huh? Fine, I admit the outfit is a little cool. After all, it is………