And I show it to you! You follow old GB, he knows the way! (The Lion King)

Here is my linky! You liky? xD >>>>>>>

Yours Sincerly,

Green Boa 🙂

Smart Kid: You know, you were actually the first person to record that trailer.  There’s only one other person that did. Congrats!


  1. Green Boa Says:

    Hope you like it. GB TRASHES THE CREATORS AGAIN!!!!! >:D *cough* I mean, take that creators. 😐 😛

  2. Smart Kid at school Says:

    thanks!! I’ll watch it at home. 😉

  3. Smart Kid at school Says:

    ok, I watched it at school. It’s awesome!!

  4. Smart Kid on a mobile Says:

    The trailer is awesome! I can’t wait for skullduggery island to come out!thanks for posting the video, especially since my membership ran out!

    Green Boa: No Prob! I was the first poster of the vid on Screen Toaster (the site I used to make the vid) But the world? 😮 I SERIOUSLY doubt that. 😀

    • Smart Kid Says:

      I searched for hours, but only 2 came up… and yours was first. one on youtube, one on screentoaster. I’ll bet there’s more now, but only two existed then, and you at least were the first on your continent. 😀 oh, and the PHB used your video.

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