Sorry to shout. The creators have a confirmed PIRATE ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Sorry, I just had lots of cheese. 😀  Here’s the island description:

So that’s where the people in the multiverse rooms got those teeth….. wait… O_O Come out in May….. biggest Poptropica quest yet… 😮  Short description, but it looks really cool.  😀 the creators have also created a wallpaper for it. Here’s the creators’ post:

Skullduggery Island

A new adventure is coming soon to Poptropica, Skullduggery Island! Click on the image below to get your Skullduggery Wallpaper.
Skullduggery Wallpaper – 1024×768

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The one and only Shark Boy at 12:55 pm
Nice graphics, creators! Now we know where the pirates in one of the recent posts came from……. But what about the Revolutionary poptropicans? hmmm……….  I’ll be sure to like this new island a lot!!! 😀

2 Responses to “O_O SKULLDUGGERY ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Green Boa Says:

    Yikes! I am allergic to pirates! LOL. Since I live in a different time space I cannot post as fast, can I do next post? Please?

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