New Island?


So I was on the Poptropica Creators Facebook and found this:

Looks like some new costumes for an island! At the top there are a bunch of pirates, at the bottom, looks like some soldiers from the Revolutionary War period. Or it could be new store costumes…..Let’s hope it’s a new island! 😀

4 Responses to “New Island?”

  1. Smart Kid Says:

    good find! It looks like some of the outfits are a mix of some previous islands, but others are all new…

  2. greenboa Says:

    Wow! Good find! Maybe Pirate island or ‘Pirates of the Carrabean’ island! Or they might be costumes. Remember how they made a ‘Rock Star 2’ outfit? There might be ‘Pirate Captain 2’ outfits! Though I’d think it’s a new island because I don’t think the first one is worth spending credits… Cool post! 😀

  3. Golden Seal Says:

    Why New Island? I mean is it’s a New island Why pirate island also what abut Revolutionary Island?

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