Hi Peoples!!! =D


Elloz! I’m Sea Lilly, you might know me better as Icy Bug of the PHF. Anyways, it’s kind of obvious that i’m a new author of this blog of AWESOMENESS!!! 😀  I’m 11, in 6th grade and live in North Carolina. Um….I guess that’s it…. :mrgreen: Hope you enjoy me as an author at this great blog!

-Sea Lilly/Icy Bug 😀


4 Responses to “Hi Peoples!!! =D”

  1. Smart Kid Says:

    Welcome to the blog!! 😀

  2. greenboa Says:

    welcome! 😀

  3. Mysterious Gamer Says:

    Cool the first to comment(well the first person who doesnt work at this blog to comment)

  4. goldenseal121 Says:

    Hello! welcome!!!

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